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Hysmith & Snider, PC (CPA’s)

After going in circles with our old phone company over billing problems, QoStar came in and solved our problems. We’re saving about $15000 per year and everything works great all the way to the desk, not just to the phone closet. The customer service is so far above what we had before, I can’t even […]

United Apothecary, Inc. (Riddle Drugs)

Our business is a small chain of pharmacies with a very high volume of voice and fax. We were paying thousands of dollars a month for services in 6 locations spread across our region, most of which were long distance calls between each other. The pharmacies take calls constantly all day regarding prescriptions and make […]

Front Sight Firearms Training

Our facility is in the middle of the Mojave Desert; our Internet feed comes in over dishes that are 20 miles apart. So it’s rather amazing that anything works out here when you think about it. QoStar works great, even out here, and is saving us a LOT of money over competitors’ offerings, but we […]