Halls Walk-In Medical Center

When the clinic opened 10 years ago, a local telecom company advised us on what they thought we needed to fulfill our communications needs. We ended up with a clunky one-size-fits-all non-customizable hosted PBX system and several “lines” from the phone company, oddly, one line for each phone in the building. They were billing the clinic the same amount for each phone, even though we almost never used them all at once. In fact, there were a couple phones that were never used because of their location in the building. This seemed like a real waste then, and proven to be a waste now.

QoStar through their analysis of our current system showed us how to update and bring us into the “21st century” idea on how our telecom can be customized specifically for us. I was very skeptical at first because of the constant barrage of companies promising us savings and eventually raising their rates after the “business special” runs out. QoStar upfront handed me a quote that held my attention long enough to allow them to gather the information necessary to the Clinic’s uses. I really don’t like listening to telecom sales people, because they all sound the same, but QoStar was pitching something different, something that actually made sense. The quote was derived from actual analysis of the business usage, including how many simultaneous calls we actually have. Between the original oversell and QoStar’s great rates, we’re saving about $700/month. But on top of the savings, we got a more useful CUSTOM hosted PBX and more cost effective and functional phones. The QoStar engineers even worked with our tech people to diagnose our internal networks and discovered we were not getting what we paid for from our Internet bandwidth provider.

If you are tired of the same old telecom pitch I strongly suggest you contact QoStar to lower your costs, provide a customized service plan for your business, and have a system that actually makes sense. Give QoStar a call. You’ll be glad you did.

Paige Asbury
Office Manager
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